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Emmy award winning producer Sandy Chanley calls her “a rare combination of angelic charm and biting wit”. Cable ACE and Comedy award winner comedian Richard Jeni asserts that she has “more appeal and animation than a Disney classic. Fearless, funny and beautiful”.

Kris McGaha was born in upstate New York during a blizzard. “My mom almost had me at home like a bad movie of the week”. She caught the acting bug from her father, an Air Force Colonel who played Frankenstein of “Young Frankenstein” in a very off Broadway show on the sandy stages of Taif, Saudia Arabia. At age 17, Kris began performing professionally at Houston's Comedy Workshop which also launched the careers of Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks and Janeane Garofalo.

Coming to Los Angeles, Kris did a development project for HBO entitled “Vegarama” as well as the cross-dressing play “Psycho Beach Party” in which one L.A. reviewer noted “...surprisingly one of the most extreme female impersonations is done by a woman in the cast, Marvel Ann, (Kris McGaha), boy magnet extraordinaire...a towering construction of hair spray, padding and attitude.”

After co-hosting 65 episodes of MTV’s “Loveline”, she extended her late night presence doing stand-up on “NBC’s Comedy Showcase” and sketches for “The Tonight Show” and “Later”. Other television appearances include “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO, “The Test” on FX and co-hosting “Now Or Never” on FOX with the infamous Jerry Springer. Film credits include “Dead Man’s Curve” AKA “The Curve” by hot indie writer-director Dan Rosen and the ultimate indie road movie “Radio Free Steve”.

Working with acclaimed writer Ron Zimmerman, the duo came up with a character Tildy St. John in which they based a few projects. A pilot sold to HBO and a short mockumentary film called “Following Tildy” currently making rounds at film festivals. It’s Kris’s very expensive hobby. Ron thinks she should get a pony.
As of now, Kris can be seen Friday nights on FOX’s “Invasion of the Hidden Cameras” and is patiently waiting for them to air another series she did called “Hotel Hell”. Until then she can be seen live doing stand up around the country or in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Improv where she is a regular.